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Advanced Malware Protection frees your machine from Worm, Spyware, Adware, Rootkit, Virus and other malware !

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Why A2Z Defender Ultimate Mobile Security?

One stop shop for all your mobile security needs..

Price: $39.99/-

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A2Z Defender Mobile scan helps you scan your apps and files for malware and malicious virus and protects your device against the same.

App Locker

A2Z Defender App Locker as the name suggest helps you lock your applications with a pattern or a numeric password so as to enhance your security and avoid intruders from accessing your private information

Tracking And Recovery

Activating tracking and recovery helps you track your devices location from A2Z Defender cloud if the device has been lost or stolen. It provides the last three locations of the device where it was active.


Ring Device – Users can ring their device from A2Z Defender cloud website so as to locate the misplaced device within vicinity. Erase Device Data – User can remotely erase the device data from A2Z Defender cloud in case of stolen device so as to protect the data from being misused Contact Backup – Users can remotely back up contacts from their device. Restore Contact – User can restore contacts which they have backed up using this option Phone book – Users can quickly check their contacts on the cloud Erase phone book – Users can delete the contact book from the cloud remotely. Location – Users can view the device location from cloud.

Uninstall Protection

The feature serves the purpose of preventing the user from uninstalling the application from its device by locking the screen which demands the user to enter its registration password. The screen is locked until the user enters the correct password.

SIM Card Security

Users can authenticate their sim cards with sim card security, when this feature is active if the device is being started with an unauthenticated sim card it would require you to provide a password to get the device working


A2Z Defender anti-theft feature is designed to protect the user from theft and unauthorized device access. User will receive notification mail containing captured images with geo-location and also starts ringing if someone try to access with wrong attempt.Device will ring in case of it's moved out of pocket, battery unplugged and simply movement is done

Call Blocker

Using this feature, one can block the unwanted calls which can be from the existing contacts or user can also enter a contact number to block.

Private Browser

User can browse securely, Caches, Cookies, History will not be stored, User can open links in A2Z Defender or can make default browser as A2Z Defender

Encryption & Decryption

Encrypt any file from device using A2Z Defender Encryption to make any file secure Decrypt encrypted files by A2Z Defender registration password.

Sticky Notification

Boost Device directly from notification and optimize device memory Access A2Z Defender and Get Real-Time Scanner Status from sticky Notification

Real-Time Protection

Scan Application in real-time process A2Z Defender scans new application if it is being installed on device, A2Z Defender also scans apk file if it is being downloading on being copied on device

Recover Quarantine Files

Boost Device: Clean device RAM by removing background applications from memory.

Protection Plus

User can remotely lock device, erase data, ring device, factory reset and erase contacts by sending SMS using alternative SIM which is provided at the time of enabling feature.